The Eight Plumes

This page links to descriptions of the eight continental scale plumes which list:

  1. The seasonality of the plume;
  2. The anthropogenic and natural aerosol sources;
  3. The trajectory of the aerosols;
  4. The description and image of a recent extreme apparition; and
  5. The effect(s) of the plume.
  1. South American Plume (SAP)
  2. West African Plume (WAP)
  3. Mail / Chad Plume (MCP)
  4. Central African Plume (CAP)
  5. Middle East Plume (MEP)
  6. India / Pakistan / Bangladesh Plume (IPBP)
  7. South East Asia Plume (SEAP)
  8. East Asian Plume (EAP)